leather bedroom bench

Leather bed design ideas in bedroom interior

Everyone wants to make home cozy and comfortable, especially – interior of the bedroom, where on the first place is a bed, in our case – a leather bed. In the bedroom every thing should contribute to relaxation. You can buy a bed of any design, produced from different materials and various shapes. Today is popular wooden bed, but a lot of the customers prefer a bed from leather. It […]

bed in a box woodworking plans

What is it – bed in a box?

The words combination bed in a box today has several meanings. The first one is direct one. It means a real wooden bed which is hidden in a box. When opened, the box back becomes a headboard. When folded, the front of the box is the bed’s footboard. The second meaning of these words is a mattress. A famous manufacturer Bed In a Box makes high quality memory foam and […]

roll away bed mattress

The main advantages of roll away bed

Many people believe that roll away bed is useless and completely unnecessary piece of furniture. But this opinion is erroneous. In order to ensure in the usefulness of the object zou should carefully consider all its advantages. Everything is quite simple and folding bed may be needed in a variety of situations and locations. The presence of such an object in a hotel is very convenient because the number of […]

bed tent dora explorer

Kid`s bed tent

A bed tent turns child’s bed into shelter of branches, castle or thatched hut, depending on the child’s imagination. It brings cosiness and functionality to nursery and creates a small world with it`s own special atmosphere. It can have decorative elements and pockets for books and small items. Tent fastens to the top of a mattress. Some models are available for single a bed, as well as a bunk bed. […]

wood platform bed frame queen

Real wood bed frames – perfect quality for years

All wood bed frames consist of side rails, a headboard and a footboard. The bottom of this frame may be solid or slatted. The wooden slats support the mattress and the person who sleeps on the bed. The slutted construction of wooden bed frames is sometimes even more sturdy than the solid one piece decision. Most people prefer choosing wooden beds, as these units of furniture are made of natural […]

fold away bed with desk

What you should know about the fold away bed

First of all it should be noted that the fold away bed is a transformer. At day it is an ordinary closet with shelves, and at night it’s comfortable bed. It is smooth and easy to rise and low the fold down bed. Such opportunity is provided due to the special mounting system and shock absorbers. These elements have a direct impact on the quality and usability of each specific […]

quel bed chair

Space saving cheap bed chair

If you live in a studio or simply do not have enough space in your room to place a couch or a futon, your best choice is a bed chair. When folded during the day time, it looks like a usual comfortable arm-chair. Sit there, rest, read, watch TV. When night comes and you need to sleep, unfold it. You will get a bed for one person. Such a chair […]

extra long queen bedskirt

Buying or sewing an elegant bed skirt

An elegant bed skirt is not only a decor detail which adds a stylish look to your bedding. It is a perfect unit to hide the stuff and unpleasantly looking areas beneath your bed. Buying a skirt for bed is a very quick method to hide the dust on the floor if it presents. At last, bed skirts wonderfully change the look of rooms. The dorm bed with a skirt […]

murphy bed wall hardware

Using bed hardware

If you ever pull together any furniture, you should know that it is the time-consuming process, but if you are not able to differ the main and crucial parts of any mechanism you will be very upset because of lot of energy and time wasted. So, returning to our case, mind that one of the most important part of bed is a bed hardware, it can be also called and […]

thomas bed tent

Incredibly funny and cute Thomas bed

Thomas bed is a brilliant present for your child. Being the main character of a famous cartoon about trains, Thomas is very widely known and beloved. The constructions of such bed vary. Some beds practically imitate the real train: have wheels, pipe. The front side of the bed depicts smiling and happy face of Thomas. Some modifications have suspending ceiling or roof. So the bed can serve a tent for […]