extra long queen bedskirt

Buying or sewing an elegant bed skirt

An elegant bed skirt is not only a decor detail which adds a stylish look to your bedding. It is a perfect unit to hide the stuff and unpleasantly looking areas beneath your bed. Buying a skirt for bed is a very quick method to hide the dust on the floor if it presents. At last, bed skirts wonderfully change the look of rooms. The dorm bed with a skirt […]

little tikes bed recall

Little tikes bed and other variations of the sleeping place

Little tikes bed for children is presented by a car imitation. It possesses four wheels and flashing lights. Children are really fond of such furniture. The frames of this car have custom stickers and fresh bright color scheme. The frames are rather high in order not to allow falling down from the bed while sleeping, so this item is safe. Low bed frames are likely to be used for adults. […]

car beds for adults

The favorite children’s furniture – car bed

Car bed is an original and extraordinary solution for children’s bedroom. The design of the bed is bright and colorful. It brings cheerful and joyful atmosphere to the room. Car beds are not only a comfortable sleeping place, but also a game zone. Nowadays, there are a lot of modifications of such bed. Some of them are equipped by flashing headlights. Car models are decorated by custom stickers and images […]

bed linen quality

Types of contemporary bed linen

Bed linen is designed to create extra warmth and comfort, keep mattress clean and safe and has a decorative effect. Being periodically washed, linen serves the hygiene function. The linen set always includes a bed sheet, duvet cover for blanket and a pillowcase. There are several variants of linen materials, both natural and synthetic. Among them the most popular are plain weave, satin weave, flannel cotton or polyester blends. There […]

wood bed with drawers underneath

Adding more storage space with a bed with drawers underneath

There is always a little less storage place in a sleeping room than you need, even if you dorm is spacious – a bed with drawers underneath will help you with adding useful place to store there your bedroom stuff. The room under bed when unused is always a waste of space. Why not buy a bed which features drawers under it? Your bedroom will look organized, even if you have […]

bed furniture with storage

Choosing bed furniture pieces separately and by sets

In case you do not have a full bedroom set, you need to choose, match and arrange your bed furniture, so your room will have the finished look. if you spend some time visiting garage sales and flea markets, you may find really awesome furniture units for your bedroom. Nightstands, dressers, chests of drawers , night tables and chairs may be found in different places. There is one rule you […]

bed desk workstation

Space saving cozy smart bed desk

When you live in a studio of if you need to organize your kids’ bedroom in a smart saving space way, getting a bed desk will be the best decision for you. The clever, but simple construction is called a loft bed. The loft bed with desk is a combination of two “stores”. The second floor is always a bed. The first floor features a desk. Many desk beds have […]

futon bed frames

Buying a good futon bed

The modification of a Japanese mattress which is placed on a frame or even has a frame inside is called a futon bed. At the day time it serves as a couch when it is folded. At night you can unfold it and get a bed. Depending on your home decor you can choose a frame – metal, wooden or upholstered. The futon sofa bed should have a very sturdy […]

bunk bed mattress

Bunk bed mattress and variations of design

Bunk bed mattress doesn’t really differ from the mattress for a traditional sleeping place. It is made of natural materials, like latex and coconut, or synthetic, like polyurethane. The thickness of the mattress varies according to the preferences. Bunk bed mattresses can be different for each sleeping place. This type of a bed is very popular for children, especially in small rooms. As a rule, children are fond of it. […]

slatted bed base queen

Slatted bed base – cheap and healthy

The largest advantage of a bed base over the box spring is the money saving. Once you have bought a mattress and a base, you should not purchase each time a new bix spring when you change the mattress. The slatted bed base which is a metal or wooden frame with slats to place the mattress on it is usually cheap, durable and sturdy. Placed on a slatted base, the […]